Hurricane High CLeW

CLeW Ever thought about planning a CLeW? If you have, go for it! It’s never too late. Organizing a CLeW has been one of my favorite experiences with being involved […]

2017 Seminar

Thanks to all those who participated in this year’s seminar! Take a look at a few of the moments we captured during the weekend.

Seminar 2017 This Week!

Hey HOBY! Just wanted to thank our volunteers for all of the hard work that they have put into planning this year’s seminar. Over 130 ambassadors will be joining them at SUU […]

Michael Peters’ HOBY Experience

There is no better place than HOBY! The leadership-centered principles I learned at a young age motivated me to serve my student body in high school and advocate improvement in […]

Emmy Moon’s HOBY Experience

HOBY has been the biggest benefit to helping me prepare for my future. I have gotten multiple scholarships because of my service hours and leadership. I’d always knew service and […]

Abby McPhail’s HOBY Experience

As an ambassador, I came to HOBY hoping to have a good time and maybe learn a thing or two; I had no idea that HOBY would end up having […]

Halle Acor’s HOBY Experience

“My interest in HOBY began when my older brother attended the seminar as an ambassador and junior staff member. I remember hearing him tell me many stories about his experience […]

Jake Wilkins’ HOBY Experience

“HOBY was a huge catalyst in my growth as a person. It drove me to discover who I am and what’s important to me. HOBY is a great program, not […]

Jessica Ferrin’s HOBY Experience

Throughout my two years at HOBY, once as a sophomore and again as J-Staff my junior year, I came to realize my true potential in life. I realized how important […]

Karanda Heimuli’s HOBY Experience

“HOBY absolutely changed my life. I always knew I was a natural-born leader, but I never knew just how much of an impact that one person could have until I […]