Halle Acor’s HOBY Experience


rencontres ebene “My interest in HOBY began when my older brother attended the seminar as an ambassador and junior staff member. I remember hearing him tell me many stories about his experience and the way it changed his life. I particularly remember him sharing the story of how he was able to meet Hugh O’Brian himself at the Utah Seminar in 2010. I was so excited and fortunate enough to be chosen as a HOBY ambassador representing Springville High School. When I walked into the seminar I immediately loved the positive attitude and determination each student had to change the world and make a difference. Each talk and presentation I listened to inspired me to go out in the world and provide service. I took the challenge at the end of the seminar to reach over 100 hours of service during the following year. I happily exceeded the goal and was able to log more than 300 hours.

site HOBY was such a life changing experience, I decided to apply to come back as a junior staff and staff member. Being able to attend HOBY not only one time but three times was a wonderful opportunity I will never forget. Each year I attend I learned the importance of getting out of my comfort zone and not being afraid to try new things. I realized I should not be afraid to fail but excited to try. The things I have learned from HOBY I will cherish forever. HOBY is a seminar that influences lives and teaches everyone to be a positive change in the world.

Discover More Here HOBY not only taught me many life lessons but also the value of friendship. After you attend HOBY, you walk away with lifelong friendships. Being an ambassador, junior staff member and staff member allowed me many opportunities to get to know and meet wonderful and inspiring people from all around the state of Utah. I have some of the greatest friendships because of the opportunity I had to attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar.”

you could try these out Halle Acor is a HOBY Utah Ambassador from 2014