Akbar Khan’s HOBY Experience

original site   HOBY provided me with an invaluable community of change-makers who consistently strive to make the world a better place and empower others to do so. The HOBY community, both […]

Julia Saxton’s HOBY Experience

this hyperlink “Before HOBY, I was an intimidated, self-doubting high school student. I was incognizant to my own capability of impact. HOBY taught me more about myself in a three-day seminar than […]

Sam Goates’ HOBY Experience

“People throw around the phrase “life changing” a lot, so it has begun to lose its poignancy. However, when it comes to HOBY, I mean it one hundred thousand gajillion […]

2016 Seminar

Another seminar is now in the books! 2016 was the first year we have changed our host venue in many years and Southern Utah University came through with flying colors. Thanks […]