$200,000+ in scholarships to 20+ students  

matapozuelos sitio de citas Each year, HOBY Utah awards HOBY Activity scholarships to ambassadors from the previous year’s seminar. To apply, students submit a report of leadership and service activities they participated in during the past year, using the skills learned at HOBY. Last year, Ambassadors who submitted their reports shared over  site de rencontre singapour 20 scholarships totaling my sources over $200,000 from Utah colleges and universities.

We are very proud to announce that since the beginning of the program, HOBY Utah has offered over $1.5 million in scholarships! Thank you to the colleges and universities that generously provide these students with the opportunity to gain higher education.


helpful resources Purposes of the HOBY Scholarship Awards Program

  • Provide a strong incentive for HOBY Ambassadors to provide leadership in their high schools and communities.
  • Provide an opportunity for Ambassadors to report on their leadership experiences.
  • Award scholarships and other recognitions for demonstrated HOBY leadership. You have a good opportunity to receive one of these scholarships IF you start NOW!

During the Leadership Seminar in May of each year as a HOBY Ambassador representing your high school, you are challenged to return to your high school and community and to make exciting things happen. Make a significant positive impact on your school or community, THINK BIG, marshal your forces, and organize your resources. We have heard of some very exciting results. Click here to see the components of the applications.

In August of the following year, ambassadors completing their junior year are offered scholarships during a HOBY Awards Banquet for having demonstrated their leadership skills. It is exciting! We want to recognize you for what you do!