places to hook up in a mall find more Your junior year is your HOBY Leadership Year. You can make a difference, and you must! The world needs you. HOBY Utah is honored to commemorate the power that is within each one of you. We need your help to fully recognize your achievements during this year. You’ve made a difference in other people’s lives and now is the chance to do the same in yours. That is the whole point of this program: Making life better.

go to these guys We have very generous universities and colleges throughout the great state of Utah. They are looking for quality students and actively engaged leaders like HOBY alum. That is why they offer you this great opportunity to study at their institutions.

app conocer gente otros paises ALL HOBY Ambassadors have the opportunity to create a digital presentation in Google Sites. Include pictures and other documentation you would like to highlight the service you’ve rendered and the leadership you’ve demonstrated.

Submitting your application

enquêter sur ce site An email will be send out to all HOBY Utah Ambassadors each year around March with information on how to apply for the scholarships. Applications are due by July 1, after your junior year. Qualified judges will review all submitted materials and rate your submission. Check out the Application Guidelines in the slides below. Scholarship Awards Program

You or a representative must attend the Scholarship Awards Program in order to claim a scholarship.

As a HOBY Ambassador, you will be our guest for the event, usually held on a Saturday in mid-August. Family members or friends who wish to attend will be $5 each. We will need to know in advance how many of you are attending by submitting your check for each person, made out to “HOBY Utah.” This will be due by July 1 each year.

Even if you feel that you may not have completed some major service activities, we encourage you to submit your report and be our HOBY Ambassador guest with your family and friends and all other HOBY ambassadors. Plan to join us for YOUR “OUTSTANDING” Awards Ceremony.