Your notebook report should contain the following for judging conformity:

1. Mailed on or before July 1 following your junior year.

**Note: This will NOT be returned to you. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself.

2. Put all materials into a 1″ white loose-leaf clear cover notebook with your own individual identification on the outside of the front cover.

**Neatness, attractiveness and creativity throughout counts.

3. Put all sheets into clear plastic sheet protectors.

4. Include the following: (place dividers between respective sections)

  • Title Page
    Name, Address, High School Represented, Phone, your available e-mail address.
  • Contents Page
    List all segments of your report.
  • Leadership Positions
    List leadership positions and describe positions you held during your junior year in school, church, or other organizations and how you responded to those opportunities for leadership.
  • Activities/Service
    Indicate activities initiated by you as an Ambassador. Tell how your activities provided service experiences for students in your high school or community. Include applied leadership skills and knowledge learned at the HOBY Leadership Seminar; Seminar Counselor; the number of activities, approximate number of students involved; the use of, and the benefits gained from these experiences by you as an Ambassador and by your high school students.
  • Extra Curricular Activities
    Describe your participation in high school extra curricular activities. List any leadership you may have been involved in.
  • Community Service
    List and describe your participation in service to school, community and church.
  • CLEWs, Kiwanis Key Club Service
    Describe your participation in a school CLEW (Community Leadership Workshop); reporting to a Kiwanis Club, or GFWC, Rotary, or your activities in a Key Club, etc.
  • GPA
    Present an evidence of your GPA.
  • Service Hours
    Indicate the estimated number of service hours you provided, and the number of service hours given by others in service activities in which you participated.
  • Documentation
    Provide at least three letters of personal recommendation and include any other newspaper articles, programs, copies of certificates and awards, etc.
  • Write one page on how HOBY has influenced your life.

Your Notebook report should be typed, double spaced and supported by appropriate documentation.

Please provide a small wallet size picture of yourself.