Scholar Testimonials

site de rencontre gratuit en haute corse Mackay, 2012 Ambassador, Southern Utah University

“The application process is very simple. It does take quite a bit of time and effort but  it’s all worth it in the end. I’d honestly start building your portfolio now!  Track your service hours as soon as you have completed a service project…When I received my scholarship to SUU I was absolutely thrilled! This is an OUTSTANDING opportunity, don’t let it pass you by!” Hailey, 2012 Ambassador, Utah State University

“I actually really enjoyed the process of putting together a portfolio! I have been able to use it for other scholarships and resumes! I chose my future school by looking at the majors and seeing what the school has to offer. I also went on many visits and did a lot of research on the school. In five years I see myself finishing up college and beginning my master degree… Oh and changing the world ;)” Brianna, 2011 Ambassador, Utah State University

“The application process is very simple. You just compile leadership positions, volunteer work/service hours, etc. into a book that you feel represents you and your capabilities the best. This is the best scholarship program I have been involved with. It is easy to apply for, well worth the effort, and like everything else through HOBY, an outstanding opportunity!”


relative dating and absolute dating in archaeology Tyler B., 2011 Ambassador, Utah Valley University

“As long as you work hard and put effort into it, your portfolio should turn out pretty well. When I found out that I got a scholarship to UVU, I was in shock. I thought they must have said the name wrong. Being the recipient of this scholarship will make it easier for me to focus on education, rather than having an extra thing…distracting me from realizing my full potential. You have so much to gain from doing it, and you definitely won’t regret it!”

Tyler E., 2011 Ambassador, Southern Utah University

“The application process was not to hard, it took time but it was well worth it. I think I spent about 12+ hours on the application its self, not counting any service or other HOBY required projects. I want to go into the medical field and I was always worried about money and school and a job. With the scholarship I don’t have to worry about any money for tuition.


Get More Information Tegan, 2011 Ambassador, Weber State University

“Never let an opportunity to learn or better yourself pass you up! You only live once so live to the best of your ability, and never pass up the chance to be educated even more. Never regret! When it comes to your portfolio make sure you do it to the best of your ability and do not wait till the last second to get it done! It’s a wonderful opportunity that shouldn’t be taken lightly!”


cliquez ici pour info Andy, 2006 Ambassador, Utah State University ‘15 – Psychology

“The skills I learned at HOBY had become a part of me and I was being a leader without even realizing it. At the scholarship banquet I was awarded a 4 year scholarship to Utah State University and it has been wonderful to go to school up here. I’m extremely grateful to HOBY for giving me the skills to succeed in life and a scholarship to help me along the way.” Jackie, 2005 Ambassador, Utah State University  ‘12 – Interior Design

“The HOBY program opened more doors than I could ever imagine. One of those doors was the scholarship program. I was able to get a four year scholarship to USU. It was the best experience of my life. Without HOBY, I would never have had the opportunity to choose the major I did or have the skills that I got from my different jobs and opportunities. It was hard work to get the scholarship but it was well worth it. I owe HOBY a lot!”


Chad, 2004 Ambassador, Weber State University ‘13 – Spanish

“I gained so much from HOBY. I learned a lot about setting goals and planning how I was going to achieve them. I heard about the scholarship program and decided to set receiving one as a goal. At the banquet, I chose Weber State as my university. Having funding in place to for college gave me the opportunity to pursue many endeavors and gain a truly well-rounded education, something I couldn’t have done without a scholarship.”