Testimonials (continued)

“When I was given the opportunity eighteen years ago to become the president of HOBY-Utah, I must say that I had a dream, a dream that has now become reality and well beyond my expectations.

How can you be more proud of an organization like HOBY-Utah?  This is an organization that has top-selected students from almost a hundred Utah high schools eager to become exceptional leaders and provide service to their families, schools, communities and nation—and truly becoming tomorrow’s leaders today.

Hugh claimed on several occasions as he visited us that this was prominently one of the very best HOBYs in all of “HOBY-dom.”  That was truly a significant compliment coming from him.  And our recognition of receiving the National George Washington Medal of Honor by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge further verified who we are.

Making all this happen, especially, I appreciate the many exceptional adult leaders and junior facilitators within our organization who have given so liberally of their time and great effort to make HOBY-Utah the very successful organization that it is.  You are the essence core of what HOBY-Utah is and how well we perform each year.

During our annual three-day seminars, we also greatly appreciate the hundreds of prominent adult professional persons who enlighten our lives by informing us as to how to become more successful as a result of their impressive presentations and examples.

Our amazing Utah universities have certainly recognized the quality and capabilities of our HOBY-Utah Ambassadors.  They have generously offered hundreds of significant scholarships over the years. As of this dated these scholarships have totaled almost $2M. I would never have dreamed that would be possible when I began that scholarship program.

Those who provide the facilities at Aspen Grove are indispensable to all of our activities.  They constantly look to our every need. They are truly appreciated.  And the mountain setting there is spectacular.

Sincerely, I thank all of you for the quality of persons that you are and what you have made of this truly amazing organization.

Always be a HOBY Ambassador all of your life and you will have a very successful life.

My best to all of you! You have made my dream a reality.  Thank you!  Be courageous, have faith in yourself and your dreams will also become a reality.”

Dave Olpin

Dave Olpin
Corporate President 1996-2013