Ambassador Testimonials McKenna, 2012 Ambassador

“HOBY changes lives, mine included. Everyone who attends HOBY soon realizes that it is not just a weekend seminar, HOBY is a lifestyle. A lifestyle of leadership. A lifestyle of self-confidence. A lifestyle of service. HOBY taught me to pursue my passions. It taught me to speak out. It ultimately taught me that I am important to the world. HOBY changes who we are, what we do, and how we view the world.”


site de rencontre slovenie Jessica, 2012 Ambassador

“As an ambassador, my favorite part was learning who I am as a person, and realizing that I can make a difference in this world. The decisions I make every day are truly important and when I make my decision, I want them to be decisions that impact the lives of others. At HOBY they truly make all the ambassadors feel 100% important in this world and they teach you that it is your time to shine! As ambassadors you need to show the world the good you can do and what you can accomplish. Whether it’s service, leadership, or being there for someone, we all can make a difference. Also, as a J-staff, I learned that it isn’t all about me, and it never will be…I loved that the ambassadors were the ones teaching me. Leadership isn’t about taking charge and telling people what to think and believe, it is about allowing others to think for themselves and truly realize what they can do. I absolutely love HOBY and all the good that comes from it!”


read Sam, 2013 Ambassador

“HOBY Utah is and will continue to be as a force for improving lives and communities around the state.”


why not try this out Makenna, 2013 Ambassador

“HOBY was a huge turning point for me because…I finally understood how much potential I really had and how much of a difference I could make… HOBY is such an inspiring organization and it brings productive and influential students together to teach them how to be effective and productive leaders.” Sara, 2013 Ambassador

“HOBY has meant more to me once I got home after the seminar and started to apply it’s teachings into my life such as adapting a positive attitude, serving others, and being proactive.”


citas por internet en salud total Cody, 2013 Ambassador

“HOBY to me was a life-changing experience. It helped me grow as a person by meeting great new friends, listening to inspirational and informative speeches, and learning new ways to lead and serve. Since HOBY I have been much more involved in my community and I have tried many new ways to help out everyone around me.”


casar de palomero paginas conocer gente Timsy, 2013 Ambassador

“HOBY Utah really did change my life and the way that I view leadership and service, and I am so excited to continue with my service and leadership for the rest of my life!”


rencontre femme noyon Natalie, 2013 Ambassador

“We need to be involved, engage in our passions, and motivate and empower those around us. HOBY got me excited to make a difference.”


Karanda, 2013 Ambassador

“If I only had six words to describe my experience at HOBY, they would be ‘The Best Weekend of My Life.’ And that still doesn’t cover it.”


Erin, 2009 Ambassador

“HOBY has been a part of my life for 5 years now and I know it will be apart of the rest of my life. It’s because of HOBY that I was able to make lifelong friendships with people from around the world. From HOBY I gained more self confidence, life long friends and the chance to develop my leadership skills. HOBY opened doors for me with jobs, internships and programs in college.”


Jessica, 2008 Ambassador

“I will always remember the love and gratitude I felt when I went to hoby my first year as an ambassador. It drove me to want to commit myself to helping HOBY in some way or another for my lifetime…My biggest advice to you with HOBY is to see how it transforms you in your everyday life…Make friends with people at the seminar that you normally wouldn’t have in your high school. And always see a need and fill it”


Elizabeth, 1999 Ambassador

“…HOBY truly changed my life…Because of HOBY I got involved with so many different things in this state. There were a lot of community and school activities that I never would have thought of if I hadn’t gone to HOBY…I learned a lot about service and leadership from this CLEW experience…In total I have done 390 logged in community service hours. I have logged most of these hours in on (a national HOBY website). I know that the work you (HOBY) performed has changed so many lives and as a recipient, I thank you whole heartedly….”


Brooke, 1999 Ambassador

“As a HOBY Ambassador, I learned many things that have been useful in the application of service to my school and community. I have been able to organize/help organize many activities due to the leadership I gained at HOBY. I learned how to find projects that were needed by the community or group involved, how to go about getting people actively involved, and how to raise support for the cause. Through doing various service projects for various groups/organizations, I gained a greater deal of love and concern for my fellow man and an indescribable urge to do service all the time. Through talking with friends and peers, I’ve found that they feel the same way. It’s an exhilaration! There’s just not an appropriate way to describe how you feel without underplaying such an awesome feeling. It was amazing to see the gratitude they showed (in actual “service projects”) and how much younger kids truly do look up to you (in volunteer speaking, etc), and feel that special feeling you get inside when you know you’ve made a difference, whether it be to a great number of people or to a single individual.”


Kristian, 1988 Ambassador

“HOBY is a great program. I enjoyed it when I attended back in the late 80’s. It was definitely one of those experiences that helped me become who I am today. I thank the organization for that opportunity. If it is at all possible I would like to present or help out at future HOBY conferences. If this is possible please let me know. One always wants to give back to something that gave them a lot.”